Press Statements Jenseits der blauen Grenze

Jenseits der blauen Grenze
Nominated for the German Youth Literature Award 2015

The best novel about East Germany for young (and adult) readers.”
Universität Bremen, Kinder-und Jugendmedien

Swimming is madness, but what is life in East Germany? Dorit Linkes Jenseits der blauen Grenze is a desperate adventure, a portrait of an ailing society in the summer of 1989.
3sat Kulturzeit

 Jenseits der blauen Grenze has great credibility because the author writes recognizable of experiences and impressions that come from her own life.
Carmen Seehafer, Alliteratus

“Sober and written detailed, the story develops a strong undertow, seems unimaginable if one did not know that more than 5,000 people from East Germany have tried to escape across the sea.”
Kathrin Köller, mare

“In a balancing act between authenticity and literary skill this debut fascinates his readers in every sense.”
Katrin Rüger

“Dorit Linke takes the reader from East Germany across the Baltic Sea, from Warnemünde to Fehmarn. The former GDR competitive athlete wrote a haunting book.”