Fett Kohle

Fett Kohle

Lesekompass Fett Kohle - Dorit Linke Kopiell2016
Leipziger Lesekompass 2016




“Goldener Bücherpirat” 2016


Niklas can hardly believe his luck: A bag full of money lands right in front of his feet! If that is not even the answer to all his problems. But while he thinks about what to do with it, it turns out that Niklas holds the prey of a bank robbery in his hands. Suddenly he is chased by the gangsters, the police and his own guilty conscience.

The children’s book is based at Berlin Herrfurthplatz, a socially difficult areaand shows much local color. Readers can look forward to tension and humor, combined with the necessary seriousness, and to a great showdown on one of the most famous hotspots of the Republic. Published by Magellan-Verlag, 2015.

 Excerpt “Fett Kohle” (german)

Ein Buchtrailer zu „Fett Kohle“, gedreht mit der Klasse 6c des Scholl-Gymnasium Ulm im Rahmen der Kinderbuchmesse KiBuM 2018.